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Be in the photo, Mama...

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

I’m a mum myself, and I know how hard it is to get in the picture with your children.

Maybe you’re the one always taking the photo.

Maybe you’re not wearing makeup, or haven’t washed your hair.

Maybe, despite your children always being well dressed, you’re in your leggings from your pre-baby life which have seen better days.

Maybe it’s been a harder day, week or month than usual and you just don’t have the energy.

Maybe it’s something else altogether, or all of the above at once.

I get it. I'm there too.

But one day, our children will have grown up into wonderful adults, and all we’ll have to remember how small they once were, are photos.

We’ll think back and remember fondly how we were once their whole world. And we’ll wish that for a little moment, we could go back to that time. A time when we could pick them up and carry them on our hip, when a kiss healed all hurts, and when it was simply you and your team against the world. Because though it’s unbelievably hard at times and so very tiring, being a parent is one of the most wonderful things in the world.

When I look back on photos of my children, I’m reminded of who they were back then. Despite they’re still young, they’ve already changed so much.

When I look back on photos of me with my children, I’m reminded of who I was back then. And how my babies made me want to be the best possible version of myself.

I don’t see the acne, or the cellulite or the questionable clothes. I see a Mama who is fiercely in love with her babies, and who will do absolutely anything for them.

I remember how wonderful it felt to be so needed, as it feels like they’re simultaneously slowly and quickly, needing me less and less.

And I hope one day when they look at these photos, maybe with their own children, they’ll truly understand how loved they have always been.

Be in the photo Mama, for future you. And for your children - they want to see you too.

You are is more than enough. And you're doing great.

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